TEAM SKUNK at WORKS noon2noon 24 hour art marathon

see this empty space? Friday Dec 3 it will be filled with artists. For 24 hours... OK, actually, will anyone last to 3 AM? We don't know. What we do know is I reserved a space at WORKS. In a room with plenty more spaces and artists. You are invited to visit. So far, at some time or another should see, Lacey, Michael, Kate, Drew, Trina, Eddie and Matthew. Christine, Kyle, Brian and Cherri - maybe sneak down from FRESH PRODUCE? As we certainly will be sneaking up there all night. If we run out of room, going to spill over into the Canvas Ghost booth.

works/san jose presents ‘noon2noon’, a 24-hour art marathon: make art, buy art, support works

And everyone needs to go everywhere tomorrow night.

Finally, please, make sure to visit Kaleid Gallery, they close earlier than the South First Friday area, so start your tour there.  Glass ornament show and available for purchase is original works of art and creative gifts by over 60 regional artists. Including my blue holiday shop wall across from Christmas Hell and lots of other interesting affordable fun holiday gifts. (not Crate and Barrel)

Here is what I suggest!
start at Kaleid Gallery
[7-9pm] Opening Reception for the 2nd Annual Glass Ornament Show presented by the San Jose Glass Artists Alliance.

Head over to Fresh Produce next, preview 7pm, event starts 8pm

eventually make it all the other galleries, and finally, hang out to 3 AM at works


Holiday Shop @ Kaleid Gallery, San Jose $5-$90

THE BLUE HOLIDAY SHOP IS OPEN, NOW, at Kaleid Gallery. New Specials every week. Things happening all the TIME.

$5 hand painted, hand made ornaments/cards
(please someone take home the sad bear with winter scarf)

$15 illustrations (ink, Japanese brush, worn out markers, good markers)  100% cotton paper, mounted on black mat (all done @ & of McDonald's)

$40 paintings on 1 inch cradled wood panel

$90 paintings on cigar boxes

& plenty of other quality art & holiday deals... why just the other day i was looking at the board across from my all blue Holiday Shop & what did I notice, but lots and lots of all wintery ornaments & paintingsChristmas Hell - Ornaments Available now!

so there is double the reason to visit - don't waste your recession holiday money on pricey glass ornaments, when you can get so much more for your loved ones & have cash left over for fun!


new cigar box paintings

exhibiting with 18 other artists

Fine Craft Sale

Today, Friday, Nov 6 6:00p to 9:00p, Saturday Sunday Nov 7, 8, 11:00a to 4:00p
at Pacific Art League of Palo Alto
668 Ramona St
Palo Alto, CA 94301
The Pacific Art League is pleased to announce our first Fine Crafts Sale, featuring works in all media and styles—including ceramics, glass, jewelry, handmade artist’s books, fiber art and more, all by local crafts artists. A wonderful opportunity to find unique, handmade gifts for the holidays. Preview exhibition and sale: Friday, Nov. 6, 6-9 pm; continues on Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 7 and 8, 11am – 4pm. For more information please call the League at 650-321-3891.


ongoing results of FREE halloween CAT cards

i'm exploring free art

(sometimes in conjunction with pellet (info here) who, also, right now, has a free art contest)


been asking friends and strangers to email me cat photos, in return I mail them spooky halloween cards with their cat photo, somehow, worked into the art - example above of Silas
2 more in the mail, not putting them up until I'm sure they've been received, to not spoil the surprise

other free cat and/or halloween card project was held in person, last Saturday, at the Pacifica Art League in Palo Alto

this is even more direct, they get to watch the art created in front of them
examples below

much thanks go to Liz Lada and Chrystelle for promoting, eBlasts, twitter, balloons, posters & candy

Liz, I still want to make a card for you

one result, continue to notice with these, is everyone appears happy, even when the art is, ... questionable (kind of make a decision and go with it, so turning Nila & Ila into pumpkin and ghost. well, I'd just like another chance to do it again)


FREE CAT halloween cards at The Pacific Art League

I'll be at The Pacific Art League in Palo Alto this Saturday, October 24, 11-3 hand creating halloween cards.


First come first served. And the cards will be made JUST FOR YOU. Bring along a photo of your cat & I might just work him/her into the art!

While you are there, be sure to peruse the 10 scrolls, on view in the new hall gallery. These modern interpretations of the traditional scroll form first showed in August at the Kaleid Gallery in San Jose. I was fortunate that Dotti Cichon, of PAL, invited me to show them in Palo Alto. So for those of you who missed the Kaleid Gallery show, they are up until the end of October.
hope to see you and your cat photos this Saturday (or you and your cat!)


interview and sketches

Phantom Galleries, thank you for the interview. After re-reading, realized I meant to also conclude with comments on how what I'm doing now picks up again what I did when younger. I'm again making things out of paper, making strange recordings, hanging out with friends doing ink draw. 

These drawings are examples of just the sort of "ink draw" did at multiple middle of the night drawing and painting sessions.

Been asked, process for painting the TANGLE paintings. I start with these, many of them. The ones above are from the 10 in the show. There were hundreds.  Would refer to them before starting a painting. Sometimes tape 1 or 2 on the wall. But the paintings were never a copy, instead, just as these were rapid, feeling driving, developing as they went - the paintings were as well. With the sketch just as a starting point.


meet the TANGLE artist today, and surprise musical act, 3PM

final week for TANGLE show at Kaleid Gallery in San Jose
go to today to meet the artist. 12-5 , Saturday August 22

scroll art AND wonderful inspired glass

stop in, enjoy light refreshments
ask questions of the artist, pester him, find out what TANGLE really means
and while there, don't forget to say hello to one of the 2 gallery managers, Eddie (Lacey done a great job as well, she, however, is locked in a wedding today)

make sure you stay for surprise musical guest at 3PM


eddie said it is "watermelon"

this surprised me, sort of an on the edge out of control painting, as in, not exactly planned, or planned at all

rather, a series of moves, that are in reaction to previous and further moves, all slightly in the "oh shit" where is this going, how to save it, how to keep it alive, until, OK, STOP, done

so what surprised me, was the reaction, to me, it is rather unusual

turns out, getting positive critical response

which good, as want to take this further

which is scary, as the process to make this is not repeatable in any normal way that I think of, other than, do another OH crap edge of disaster painting which will not look like this one, at all


3 "tree paintings"

valuable for me to see ALL the works together on the painted wall, instead of one-at-at-time in my little kitchen studio


american apparel "fleur face" shirts @ kaleid gallery

there are still some American Apparel brown shirts with light blue flower face TANGLE image silk screened on front at Kaleid Gallery

check them out at Two Buck Tuesday

$25, if you don't find your size/style please write your name/contact size sex in guest book at Kaleid Gallery OR email me mbseigel AT gmail DOT COM, I'll consider a 2nd run, which may include AA hoodie or other garments for those that request, sorry Reuben, no thongs, and yes, he did ask

thanks to models jesse & lacey ( & maria as ice cream hostess)


thanks to Bob Cool for providing ice cream sandwiches at Kaleid Gallery TANGLE opening

a big THANK YOU to Bob Cool of KICKS COOKIES + ICE CREAM for providing samples! yes, samples of his delicious ice cream sandwiches in innumerable flavors.

Bob & his wife are big supporters of the San Jose art scene. Wanted to do something for us. In return, I was happy to hand out samples, and everyone was more than happy to eat them.

They delivered freezer, Maria cut the sandwiches in quarters, then, wearing a white apron, walked around with them on a silver tray.

Again, a big thank you to Bob Cool, I know I and many others at Kaleid look forward to working with you on further events - Matthew


thistle lizard

Painting inspired by a photograph from Lon (location, Illinois), the lizard loosely based on photo I took while hiking with Lacey, Reiji & Maria in the Picchetti Ranch Open Space Preserve.

If you go, visit the vineyard. Further info on hike.

5x2 feet, acrylic on industrial Tyvek


rose raccoon

i did say these are scroll paintings - did I not? but what did I mean?

after all, much of my output is small, mostly postcard sized.

these are larger, much larger. 5x2 feet.

yes, 3 paintings  3x8 feet on paper about a year ago. they were all written/word/letterform based.

these instead are nature based. although, there will be some letter-forms sneaking in. and maybe even something to read, depending.

but they are not on paper

I'll let a more educated friend of mine describe better

"... 5x2 foot scrolls on synthetic rice paper."

"what is not obvious realized ... rice paper a technical marvel when invented ... perfect for the time as a painting surface, so it is with the industrial Tyvek Matthew is using"

"his residency at a young age in Nagasaki Japan where he extensively
studied the scroll arts, further followed up with paintings on rolls
of paper found about to endlessly copy the classic forms of crabs & pine cones"

Donguri Bear MFA

and he continues, don't need to read more


collab w/janett

wow. it's my painting (below). but in glass! by janett peace. she can really throw it down, so to speak. so if want to see more of her/our work, stay tune and or come to our show—in less than 3 weeks!


the high and the low

pop surrealism, aka lowbrow: it is legit? fine art? the absence of internal critics & that many  lowbrow artists are self taught apparently alienates curators (& art schools).

well, sjma now begs to differ w/todd schorr's 1st mid career retrospective through to 16 sept 09. so why don't you come see him and his work, & answer for yourself if it's legit @his party tonight:

book signing, streetlight records & ed hardy vodka cocktails, too!



matthew bailey seigel (hey that's me!)
wanders off trail


4-28 aug 2009

6-9pm, fri, 7 aug 2009

this is my 1st major show—with janett peace, a
noted bay area glass artist. i am honored, as she has received numerous awards for her work, which are in permanent collections around the world.

i invite you to join us for our reception in 4 weeks.

in the meanwhile, please return here for more info and previews of my new work, updates, and rants
...especially those.

kaleid gallery
88 south 4th street
between san fernando & santa clara
san jose, ca 95112

408 947 1785

nearby parking info:
4th st garage (above the gallery)
44 south 4th street
$3 after 6pm weekdays, and free parking 6am-6pm weekends.

4th & st john garage (down a block from the gallery)
50 north 4th street
free parking 6-10 pm weekdays & 6am-10pm weekends.

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why is trina merry smiling?

the free mother's day card show at The Pacific Art League was a success

trina received 2 CUSTOM cards

We had husbands of moms, daughters,  & even moms. young & old. 

comments from long time PAL member "wow, what is going on here, never seen something like this at PAL before! is this going to be a regular thing?"

received tips & donations to PAL donation box AND many requests to find out more about PAL, how to join and such

Only 1 person turned down our free offer. "No, and I'm not a mom either"

Trina Merry showed up. That was weird. Who is this? Why do I know her? PAL & Kaleid brain mashup was too much. THANKs, much appreciated, made the afternoon

mr Pellet also was recipient of fine friends of his

Took photos of all cards & recipients. one thing stood out. Everyone is smiling.
Have continued custom cards at locations beyond PAL.

AND tonight, you too can get your own art at Pelletron 8000
see you tonight


tips for lovers, be sweet and gentle

Art, food, music, demos and of course quirky speakers.

Also, I'll be updating my board with Tips for Lovers - because everyday is valentine's day.

All conveniently & affordably priced @ $15. All works approximately 4x6, mounted on 8x10 black mat board.

I'd attempt to explain them, except, well, they sort of explain themselves.


FREE!! Mother's Day Cards

bespoke Hand Painted JUST-FOR-YOU & your mum

Saturday May 9th 2009
11AM until 3PM

668 Ramona Street
Palo Alto

from matthew seigel* & pellet

you tell us what you want, answer a few intimate questions & watch 2 real LIVE artists create an on-the-spot masterpiece just for you to give to a special mum

giggle with hilarity as we just go and do something completely different, hey, we are artists, what do you expect?

while you wait, be sure to explore the beautiful art & crafts in our fine gallery

we only use REAL Organic First press acrylic paint, all cotton rag de-bossed wedding quality card paper & whatever else we have around the studio

none of that Giclee stuff

partake in lite refreshments, or not, depending on how lazy we are saturday morning

"double teen" certified San Jose INDIE artists

examples of the quality or lack of, to be found here

*you may know matthew as the "cigar box painting guy", you might be right

**first come first served**


bread pudding @ satura cakes in palo alto

bread pudding & crispy brioche cupcake, both fantastic

carolina saw my drawing & asked if she could put it up! yes, of course, so this is up in

satura cakes in palo alto - please visit, view the art, eat some cake

also, i've invited carolina to submit to 2 buck tuesday @ kaleid

she does wonderful marker drawings (loves sharpies)


people of Peet's coffee

as said in previous post, draw people in public setting, get their chins wrong, noses funny, and some weird monster like results emerge - I'm willing to do this to strangers, not to friends & family


Dogs and Demons and Vicki

Dogs and Demons

Tales From The Dark Side OF Japan

by Alex Kerr

Worth reading for the darker issues facing Japan, written when the whole world considered Japan an economic miracle. Crime, environmental issues, social problems, destruction of their architectural and art heritage is what is revealed here.  The flip side of what was making the mainstream press.

All his books worth reading. And I follow his work to preserve traditional homes.

What does that have to do with this drawing of Vicki?

The title Dogs and Demons is from an Chinese old tale, about which is easier to draw: Dogs or Demons. The answer is Demons, because we can make it look like anything as nobody knows what a demon looks like. We all know what a dog looks like.

I'd take it further, a human is harder. And a human we know is the most difficult. Or to go the other direction, a rock is easier than a demon.

I know Vicki, so if I get a tiny detail, wrong, only a millimeter, she will look wrong.  I'll know it, her friends will know it and she will know it. Might make her look really weird, which she does not. I'll post again this week, with an example of people I draw whom I don't know. They look weird.

So for people I know, I'm going for the essential, the essence, the minimum I can get away with. And so far, making for more interesting art.



drawings of people, some real, some not so real

while in san francisco for open gallery thursday

more fun creating art than looking


collaborative art while eating donuts

i painted 5 paintings (sketches, drawings, doodles?)

he painted 5 paintings (sketches, drawings, doodles?)

then we traded & i painted on his & he painted on mine

oh, this sounds weird, never mind

results above


if kyle told you to jump off a cliff, would you?

if kyle told you to jump off a cliff, would you?

no, maybe, i don't know, why?

but if he TOLD you to draw 10 drawings that have something to do with faces, you might

shown here, snap partial preview of just 1 of the 10 currently in progress face drawings

bonus points if you recognize the celebrity



inspired by friend who was perhaps afraid, or confused, as we all are at times
so created this for $2 buck tuesday

with specific objective to do something with color, animal & still within guidelines of "wittzle"

& it was purchased! woman who bought it said it reminded her of a friend of hers who was similar