why is trina merry smiling?

the free mother's day card show at The Pacific Art League was a success

trina received 2 CUSTOM cards

We had husbands of moms, daughters,  & even moms. young & old. 

comments from long time PAL member "wow, what is going on here, never seen something like this at PAL before! is this going to be a regular thing?"

received tips & donations to PAL donation box AND many requests to find out more about PAL, how to join and such

Only 1 person turned down our free offer. "No, and I'm not a mom either"

Trina Merry showed up. That was weird. Who is this? Why do I know her? PAL & Kaleid brain mashup was too much. THANKs, much appreciated, made the afternoon

mr Pellet also was recipient of fine friends of his

Took photos of all cards & recipients. one thing stood out. Everyone is smiling.
Have continued custom cards at locations beyond PAL.

AND tonight, you too can get your own art at Pelletron 8000
see you tonight