The Sketch Book Show

Lacey Bryant of Kaleid Gallery has curated a great show for tonight, March 5th, 7-9pm

29 artists, their art, their sketchbooks and their chairs!

i'm psyched to have been invited to be in it, here is scroll I submitted . for a chair i put a zabuton .

ohh, and made a mini promo video give you a reason to go out tonight and only 29 seconds

what do you need to achieve as an artist . when/what is good enough?

Alex Katz is one of those artists who have enjoyed tremendous commercial and museum success but whose art historical importance remains an open question.

Oh, OK, so it is no longer enough to get into a gallery, you need to get  into a museum, ohh, woops, that is not good enough, you need to have historical importance.

He is not a bad painter, just not original enough — or even good enough — to suggest that his will be a lasting contribution to American art.