house brand

i did not submit any of these 3 into the melt yo face off show, but in hindsight, perhaps the 1 above should have been... eh. nonetheless, these 3 will b on sale @ the kaleid gallery this week, unless of course u contact me b4 i hang them there for 1st fri. c u there if u r local...

what is house? what is that little "h" logo? House Foods America


quaternary kuro kirishima

i did not set out to create 4 versions of "kuro kirishima," but i was not satisfied w/ (submitting to the melt yo' face off show) the 1st 3 i created, even though i think they r all aesthetically strong & pleasing. i'm looking @ all of them again, as eddie (flores) recently mentioned he liked the (above) piece i submitted. the other 3 r below.

black vertical writing & 750ml loosely sketched from kuro kirishima soju bottle. legibility not intent, rather forms of writing over other textural script.



more than 15 min o fame

okay, it's feb, so it must b warhol?

he is @the sjma from yesterday, valentine's day through sun, 31 may 2009.

he is also @the de young (w/similar dates, 2: 14 feb through sun, 17 may 2009).

& last but not least, he is @the canter (through 19 apr 2009).

so far, i've only casually checked out the 60 prints @the sjma. i'm not sure if i'm underwhelmed or it's because i grew up w/all his images/influence. in any case, i'm going back 2 c them again.

it's great that he is @3 locations... although something seems weird about premanufactured presold shows (& in 3 locations)–like the hidden body or titanic or da vinci or vivienne westwood–put in metreon or tech museum, but not a "real museum"—curate something new. i'm going anyway, & i guess they know that.

btw, above is a what the sjma lower galleries looked like in prep last week. funny thing, i thought it was an actual sculpture, like the weird leaning guy at the canter.