new scroll paintings at Caffe Trieste: we are the neurons in what we are creating

Caffe Trieste presents new scroll paintings by Matthew Bailey Seigel.

WHAT IS HAPPENING? We were growing fruits and nuts. Now the valley is growing something else. On the surface it seems to be tech: WWW, email, VoIP, Facebook, Twitter, iPad... But what is it really? If we are the neurons, then connections are being made at a furious rate. We've gone from nothing to what? Fast. Bad? Good? Does overhauling the entire eco system of the earth matter? Or should we bask in the glorious wonder of our part in creating and BEING part of a new biological entity?

These are the questions behind Matthew's current scroll paintings. Which are a reinvention of Japanese tatemono (standing scrolls) in modern materials. Introduced to Japan during the Heian Period (794 to 1185), hung scrolls were "primarily for displaying Buddhist images for religious veneration, or as a vehicle to display calligraphy or poetry." With Matthew's scrolls, they are more messages discerning inter-connectivity and interactivity.

Artist's reception: First Friday, 7 May 2010, 8-11PM
This event is part of the South First Fridays art walk in downtown San Jose.
Free and open to the public.

Other Happenings: Throughout the month of May, Matthew will be at Caffe Trieste on Saturdays interacting. SEE the art, QUESTION the artist, READ a book, DRAW a picture, DRINK the coffee. ADVICE given about LIFE, LOVE & ART: what is it all about? what for? why? how?
VISIT www.matthewbaileyseigel.com for updates.

Exhibition on view 1-29 May 2010.

Caffe Trieste
315 South First Street
San Jose, CA 95113-2804
(408) 287-0400

M-F: 7AM-10PM, F: 7AM-Midnight, Sa: 8AM-Midnight & Su: 8AM-10PM.