TEAM SKUNK at WORKS noon2noon 24 hour art marathon

see this empty space? Friday Dec 3 it will be filled with artists. For 24 hours... OK, actually, will anyone last to 3 AM? We don't know. What we do know is I reserved a space at WORKS. In a room with plenty more spaces and artists. You are invited to visit. So far, at some time or another should see, Lacey, Michael, Kate, Drew, Trina, Eddie and Matthew. Christine, Kyle, Brian and Cherri - maybe sneak down from FRESH PRODUCE? As we certainly will be sneaking up there all night. If we run out of room, going to spill over into the Canvas Ghost booth.

works/san jose presents ‘noon2noon’, a 24-hour art marathon: make art, buy art, support works

And everyone needs to go everywhere tomorrow night.

Finally, please, make sure to visit Kaleid Gallery, they close earlier than the South First Friday area, so start your tour there.  Glass ornament show and available for purchase is original works of art and creative gifts by over 60 regional artists. Including my blue holiday shop wall across from Christmas Hell and lots of other interesting affordable fun holiday gifts. (not Crate and Barrel)

Here is what I suggest!
start at Kaleid Gallery
[7-9pm] Opening Reception for the 2nd Annual Glass Ornament Show presented by the San Jose Glass Artists Alliance.

Head over to Fresh Produce next, preview 7pm, event starts 8pm

eventually make it all the other galleries, and finally, hang out to 3 AM at works