rose raccoon

i did say these are scroll paintings - did I not? but what did I mean?

after all, much of my output is small, mostly postcard sized.

these are larger, much larger. 5x2 feet.

yes, 3 paintings  3x8 feet on paper about a year ago. they were all written/word/letterform based.

these instead are nature based. although, there will be some letter-forms sneaking in. and maybe even something to read, depending.

but they are not on paper

I'll let a more educated friend of mine describe better

"... 5x2 foot scrolls on synthetic rice paper."

"what is not obvious realized ... rice paper a technical marvel when invented ... perfect for the time as a painting surface, so it is with the industrial Tyvek Matthew is using"

"his residency at a young age in Nagasaki Japan where he extensively
studied the scroll arts, further followed up with paintings on rolls
of paper found about to endlessly copy the classic forms of crabs & pine cones"

Donguri Bear MFA

and he continues, don't need to read more

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