tips for lovers, be sweet and gentle

Art, food, music, demos and of course quirky speakers.

Also, I'll be updating my board with Tips for Lovers - because everyday is valentine's day.

All conveniently & affordably priced @ $15. All works approximately 4x6, mounted on 8x10 black mat board.

I'd attempt to explain them, except, well, they sort of explain themselves.


FREE!! Mother's Day Cards

bespoke Hand Painted JUST-FOR-YOU & your mum

Saturday May 9th 2009
11AM until 3PM

668 Ramona Street
Palo Alto

from matthew seigel* & pellet

you tell us what you want, answer a few intimate questions & watch 2 real LIVE artists create an on-the-spot masterpiece just for you to give to a special mum

giggle with hilarity as we just go and do something completely different, hey, we are artists, what do you expect?

while you wait, be sure to explore the beautiful art & crafts in our fine gallery

we only use REAL Organic First press acrylic paint, all cotton rag de-bossed wedding quality card paper & whatever else we have around the studio

none of that Giclee stuff

partake in lite refreshments, or not, depending on how lazy we are saturday morning

"double teen" certified San Jose INDIE artists

examples of the quality or lack of, to be found here

*you may know matthew as the "cigar box painting guy", you might be right

**first come first served**