meet the TANGLE artist today, and surprise musical act, 3PM

final week for TANGLE show at Kaleid Gallery in San Jose
go to today to meet the artist. 12-5 , Saturday August 22

scroll art AND wonderful inspired glass

stop in, enjoy light refreshments
ask questions of the artist, pester him, find out what TANGLE really means
and while there, don't forget to say hello to one of the 2 gallery managers, Eddie (Lacey done a great job as well, she, however, is locked in a wedding today)

make sure you stay for surprise musical guest at 3PM


eddie said it is "watermelon"

this surprised me, sort of an on the edge out of control painting, as in, not exactly planned, or planned at all

rather, a series of moves, that are in reaction to previous and further moves, all slightly in the "oh shit" where is this going, how to save it, how to keep it alive, until, OK, STOP, done

so what surprised me, was the reaction, to me, it is rather unusual

turns out, getting positive critical response

which good, as want to take this further

which is scary, as the process to make this is not repeatable in any normal way that I think of, other than, do another OH crap edge of disaster painting which will not look like this one, at all


3 "tree paintings"

valuable for me to see ALL the works together on the painted wall, instead of one-at-at-time in my little kitchen studio


american apparel "fleur face" shirts @ kaleid gallery

there are still some American Apparel brown shirts with light blue flower face TANGLE image silk screened on front at Kaleid Gallery

check them out at Two Buck Tuesday

$25, if you don't find your size/style please write your name/contact size sex in guest book at Kaleid Gallery OR email me mbseigel AT gmail DOT COM, I'll consider a 2nd run, which may include AA hoodie or other garments for those that request, sorry Reuben, no thongs, and yes, he did ask

thanks to models jesse & lacey ( & maria as ice cream hostess)


thanks to Bob Cool for providing ice cream sandwiches at Kaleid Gallery TANGLE opening

a big THANK YOU to Bob Cool of KICKS COOKIES + ICE CREAM for providing samples! yes, samples of his delicious ice cream sandwiches in innumerable flavors.

Bob & his wife are big supporters of the San Jose art scene. Wanted to do something for us. In return, I was happy to hand out samples, and everyone was more than happy to eat them.

They delivered freezer, Maria cut the sandwiches in quarters, then, wearing a white apron, walked around with them on a silver tray.

Again, a big thank you to Bob Cool, I know I and many others at Kaleid look forward to working with you on further events - Matthew