no, i don't mean food grilled japanese style. i mean etymologically, the czech, slovak & polish word for serf labor, & the subject of san jose museum of art's current exhibit, robots: evolution of a cultural icon

i was pretty hyped to go—been watching battlestar galactica, & 2070 to boot these days—but it's a conservative exhibit. now it's still a worthy exhibit—worthy of their admission price. but i wanted more: roombas scooting around, darpas running laps, or robot competitions. heck, even 1 agv would have been fun. it's a good thing chassis the beer pouring robot was there that night serving.


the studio is now open!

well, sort of. but not my real studio, which is in my tiny kitchen, but i'm participating in this year's silicon valley open studios on the weekend of may 10-11 @the pacific art league in downtown palo alto between 11am-5pm. i will be there w/3 other PAL artist members.

here is my SVOS artist profile

this free local event is where "every year, during the 1st 3 weekends in May, >300 silicon valley artists open their studios to the public." & where the public gets the opportunity to experience art being created within silicon valley's diverse neighborhoods. there are free map guides available @these locations. there are also free preview exhibitions this month @2 locations (i'm @the expo daily location), where you can view representative pieces to determine which studios you might be interested in visiting. you can pick up map guides there as well.

in the meanwhile, please drop by the pacific art league on the weekend of may 10-11 & say hello. you can see us work, browse through art, & if you purchase a piece, 10% of the sale is automatically donated to the league, a venerable 87 year art institution.

silicon valley open studios site 89:
pacific art league
palo alto, ca 94301
11am-5pm, 10-11 may 2008