ongoing results of FREE halloween CAT cards

i'm exploring free art

(sometimes in conjunction with pellet (info here) who, also, right now, has a free art contest)


been asking friends and strangers to email me cat photos, in return I mail them spooky halloween cards with their cat photo, somehow, worked into the art - example above of Silas
2 more in the mail, not putting them up until I'm sure they've been received, to not spoil the surprise

other free cat and/or halloween card project was held in person, last Saturday, at the Pacifica Art League in Palo Alto

this is even more direct, they get to watch the art created in front of them
examples below

much thanks go to Liz Lada and Chrystelle for promoting, eBlasts, twitter, balloons, posters & candy

Liz, I still want to make a card for you

one result, continue to notice with these, is everyone appears happy, even when the art is, ... questionable (kind of make a decision and go with it, so turning Nila & Ila into pumpkin and ghost. well, I'd just like another chance to do it again)

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