vitrine july 20 two buck tuesday

process and preview of cat in a box vitrines for july 20 2010 two buck tuesday kaleid gallery san jose ca, curated by trina merry

6 paintings that are built into found and constructed frames - such that the frame and art are one

wanted frames for the art, to take them beyond just little pieces of paper, but did NOT want to use real frames. the good ones are too expensive $100 more on what is at most $10 art and the cheap ones are.... cheap crap

these frames are from egg crates, cut up orange crate boxes

and THEN went more 3D, with plastic food containers which had clear plastic covers

initially intended to just have the painting inside, however, as began to discover the possibilities of the actual container, painting on sides, hanging ribbon, paint on the inside of the front, further brought to life, as gave sense of space, object

final touch was ribbon and hanging on the wall - I could see what they could become, kind of thing seen in a home, perhaps embroidered with sayings - samplers

only 6 of these, i'll do more as these are exciting
$2 each

and yes, I do realize I started this out with a sort of self conscious parody that might only be funny to me of artist interviews - I did NOT intend to diminish Two Buck Tuesday, just to be a bit silly

as for the vitrine - yeah, snarking on something, went to WAY too many museum and upper end gallery shows where the art was in a "vitrine", which is just basically a glass case

yes matthew barney, it is you I'm thinking of

so, these little plastic food containers are vitrines

weird thing is, it works
maybe that is why we collect action figures and leave them in the packaging