ok, so Gianfranco and I had our BETA test at San Jose street market, then a super mini tiny BETA at chocolate and coffee Pacific Art League, so finally ready for official rollout of Vignette for the night of 01SJ AbsoluteZERO, which I should make it clear, we were not part of, but thanks to Anno Domini gallery, we were able to enjoy the afternoon and evening (noon - midnight), in front of their gallery.

we should have been part of AbsoluteZERO, as being at the very end of the street, we were first line of question for everyone arriving, so we sent Craig (I think? thanks to you or whoever) to get us a pile of the hard to find maps, which we then handed out.

here, in the order as the half day unfolded, are our Vignettes. if you are one of the ones in the photos, we hope you enjoy your art. we had much fun meeting all of you and making these.

photo of Michael is almost all dark (my fault, tried cover flash to see what would happen, since unable to shut flash off) however, Michael is dark, so here he is dark and in a box and watched over by kitten

thank you Cherri
and yes, the photo does look good
instant and this one

at the exact other end of the entire several blocks, in front of ICA, they were creating tin types. I really wanted one, even at $30, however the sign up sheet was full. they had lights, big set up, developed them in front of you, showing the process.

we also had lights, and developed in front of you, and showed the process and were priced less. ( their $30 was a fair price )

Moose waited and waited and waited for her friends. They never came. Then she waited. So we got to know her, talked about art, you don't need to go to art school to be an artist, just do it. If your Grandfather is famous photographer, learn from him. Next day we learned from the friends Moose was waiting for that we know them, Kate & Eric.

hello Lisa (and Brenda), if you do any more reporting, report on us! seriously,  I mean what I said a couple months ago, someone needs to be the "art beat" reporter for this city, why not you?

We don't mind if you wander off as we take as long as we take to finish. These 3 friends we thought were gone for good. Came back way later. They made the most of the event, trying everything and creating at the craft tables. Gianfranco wrote something Italian on most of the art. Here he writes: Le tre amiche con due baci. (i'm going to check with him to see if I got this right). which means, three friends, two kisses.

crown/tiara created and donated by the 3 friends mentioned earlier


all is explained: how a scroll painting is created and what it means

title about says it all . 3G was not even supposed to take video, so it's a little hero here . imagine the damage i could do with iPhone 4 .


Gianfranco + Matthew : Vignette

In Silicon Valley where all is digital and infinitely reproducible, Gianfranco + Matthew create unique non reproducible moments in time.

Starting with an instant photograph, prototypically developing as you watch, through the original analog process of chemical and paper.

Mounted to common, found substructures serving as support, frame AND canvas, they then work onto, around and across in mixed media.

Their collaborative work takes from and interacts with their individual working art methods.

The finished product, ready for you to hang.

Gianfranco + Matthew are interested in the idea that every moment is a unique creation.

Visit them and have a unique work of art created as you watch.

They debut, nay, BETA test @ San Jose's South FIRST FRIDAYS art walk with STREET MRKT, Friday, September 3rd at 7pm!