Holiday Shop @ Kaleid Gallery, San Jose $5-$90

THE BLUE HOLIDAY SHOP IS OPEN, NOW, at Kaleid Gallery. New Specials every week. Things happening all the TIME.

$5 hand painted, hand made ornaments/cards
(please someone take home the sad bear with winter scarf)

$15 illustrations (ink, Japanese brush, worn out markers, good markers)  100% cotton paper, mounted on black mat (all done @ & of McDonald's)

$40 paintings on 1 inch cradled wood panel

$90 paintings on cigar boxes

& plenty of other quality art & holiday deals... why just the other day i was looking at the board across from my all blue Holiday Shop & what did I notice, but lots and lots of all wintery ornaments & paintingsChristmas Hell - Ornaments Available now!

so there is double the reason to visit - don't waste your recession holiday money on pricey glass ornaments, when you can get so much more for your loved ones & have cash left over for fun!

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