worth the wait

I've been patiently working with Pacific Art League and Silicon Valley Community Foundation to place art with the PAL community sites program into the SVCF San Mateo location. So when an opportunity came up, we all pulled together and made it happen.

Wow! it was worth the wait. Always amazes me how art takes on a different look depending on where it is shown. I create the scrolls in my small studio space, somewhere between refrigerator and dishwasher. Then they bloom in different ways depending on space and light.

This location has wide expansive wall with plenty of muted natural light. And is great to see how in the smaller room, they bring color to the place.

Thank you to Ric, Ann, Ed & Joy of PAL, and onsite Steve, also from  PAL & of course to Lydia & Josiah of SVCF for working with us & appreciating the results.

I'm working to create some custom works just for this location, to swap out over the duration.