local celebrities & paparazzi get sneak preview of TANGLE


Brian Hall said...

What is TANGLE?


matthew said...

"What is TANGLE?" good question. if you consider typical landscape paintings and still life paintings of the out of doors, fruits & vegetables - they might have a somewhat realistic feel. however, there might be another way to consider such objects & environments.

you might go on a hike, feel the trees with dazzled light pouring through them, breeze. then you notice a lizard scamper under leaves. lunch, with friends, and a brook near-bye. a brush bunny just hidden in the brambles. associations of near, far, across time, space & locations. thoughts of earlier walks. considerations of life, plants growing, animals fuzzy AND eating other animals - farms, orchards across time in silicon valley, turning into farms of code, reaching out, creating connections with people, companies, globally, also eating each other, helping each other. this is TANGLE. I've some how attempted to put it all onto 5 foot scrolls and show then at Kaleid Gallery in San Jose.

Here are further examples of the scrolls. Oh, also, a local glass artist took these ideas and ran with them as well. That collaboration was also a tangle. And she also shows at Kaleid. Please visit, on display until Aug 27.