collaborative art while eating donuts

i painted 5 paintings (sketches, drawings, doodles?)

he painted 5 paintings (sketches, drawings, doodles?)

then we traded & i painted on his & he painted on mine

oh, this sounds weird, never mind

results above


if kyle told you to jump off a cliff, would you?

if kyle told you to jump off a cliff, would you?

no, maybe, i don't know, why?

but if he TOLD you to draw 10 drawings that have something to do with faces, you might

shown here, snap partial preview of just 1 of the 10 currently in progress face drawings

bonus points if you recognize the celebrity



inspired by friend who was perhaps afraid, or confused, as we all are at times
so created this for $2 buck tuesday

with specific objective to do something with color, animal & still within guidelines of "wittzle"

& it was purchased! woman who bought it said it reminded her of a friend of hers who was similar


Peet's provided paper & pencil!

ordered a pot of decaffeinated english breakfast, considering purchasing, wanted to give it a try

already there sitting on windowsill, partly started, with a nice little yellow pencil next to it, just begging to become something else

the tea, eeh, should have known, decaffeinated tea, even from Peet's, just does not hold up to milk as the real thing, maybe go back to the real thing