mom was right . winsor & newton demo .

hey, mom was right!
went to free Winsor & Newton demo at University Art, San Jose.
received free permanent sap green & cotman brush.

did some little pencil drawing of customers at local japanese bakery.
then redrew/painted her at home.

nice smooth color, interesting subtle variation in color. brush holds very fine sharp end

also, demo-ist (that a word) Christine Hanlon mentioned an interesting starter
triad to work with. and once I saw it, wham. immediately felt the color palette that i think in.
was funny as she was talking about it as if only good for drawing children's toys or something else artificial. nope, for me, is what i'd work in.

opera rose
transparent yellow
phthalo turquoise

i'm interesting in watercolor as a more portable way to paint not at home: outdoors, or in donut shops

hey Mom - do you know the difference between between pans and tubes?
which paint has a fragrance, why and what is it?

i believe this will work

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