Gianfranco + Matthew : Vignette

In Silicon Valley where all is digital and infinitely reproducible, Gianfranco + Matthew create unique non reproducible moments in time.

Starting with an instant photograph, prototypically developing as you watch, through the original analog process of chemical and paper.

Mounted to common, found substructures serving as support, frame AND canvas, they then work onto, around and across in mixed media.

Their collaborative work takes from and interacts with their individual working art methods.

The finished product, ready for you to hang.

Gianfranco + Matthew are interested in the idea that every moment is a unique creation.

Visit them and have a unique work of art created as you watch.

They debut, nay, BETA test @ San Jose's South FIRST FRIDAYS art walk with STREET MRKT, Friday, September 3rd at 7pm!

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Gianfranco Paolozzi said...

...ma che belle!.....